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Our students

Pia Von Wachenfelt

Social worker to Software developer

Writing code and breaking code is the fun part

What was the best part if the Bootcamp?

The best part of the bootcamp, except for the people you meet here, is actually to be able to explore things and use your inner curiosity and create things and break things. Writing code and breaking code is the most fun part, you get to experiment, you get to mess up, it helps you realize things about yourself which is very cool. You code a lot in the last two weeks of the bootcamp we coded around 80 hours a week

What was the hardest part of the Bootcamp?

Personally it was to not have much of a social life and not having any spare time. You don’t really have time to exercise, hardly anytime to meet other people outside of the bootcamp and that is a weird feeling. I am a very very active person and to not be able to do that was a big challenge actually.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about enrolling in the bootcamp?

The only advice I would give to anyone thinking of starting the bootcamp is pretty simple … leave your ego at home. Whatever you bring with you is great, any past experiences are going to pave your way, but leave your ego at home. It is only going to get in the way, just accept the fact that you don’t know things and try to learn them.

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