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Erik thomas

Our students

Erik Steinman

Payroll consultant and Football fan turned software developer

This is not just a first step into programming. You will get way deeper into programming than you can even begin to imagine.
Erik thomas

What was the best part of being part of the Craft Academy Bootcamp?

Being a student at Craft Academy has been one of the most useful and important experience of my life. This is not just a first step into programming, but you will get way deeper into programming than you can even begin to imagine. Before the Bootcamp started I really didn't know anything about coding, 12 weeks later and coding feels like such an important part of my life.

..and the hardest part?

You'll read a lot about the Bootcamp being super-tough, and believe me, it really is, but every single day I really did look forward to going to the office and knew that today I will learn so much new things. The tempo is obviously very high and at times it might feel a bit overwhelming with all the new stuff you are constantly being fed, but in the end you will notice how incredibly much you learnt. Really go for it whole-heartly and it will feel fun rather than tough.

What are most important thing you've learned?

The coding stuff is obviously great, that's the knowledge you're being fed, but the thing that really makes this Bootcamp stand out is the working processes. You learn working test driven from the very beginning using version control and from there it just takes on… Simulating real life-projects and the whole idea of Agile methodology and everything that comes along with it like Sprints, Scrums, Reviews and Retrospective. Those are the experiences that are unique, and that really gives you such a great workflow and preaparation for your future career.

What would be your advice to anyone that would like to leant to code?

The very thing that makes Craft Academy such a great place to start your Programming-career is the whole atmosphere. You are constantly surrounded by incredibly commited coaches and other students. For me it became such an inspiring environment to be in, and I didn't just developed my skills as a programmer, but I feel like I improved a lot as a person.

Any final words, Erik?

Going to Craft Academy was one of my best decisions I've ever made. If you have the slightest interest in coding, then this is the place to be. Craft Academy gets my biggest recommendation.

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