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Ebba 400

Our students

Ebba Aniansson

From vagabond to Junior Developer at ItsMyStyl

You will see that you are able to get things done now, not later.
Ebba 400

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what your work has been until now?

I am a curious, energised, social and talkative person that loves to challenge myself and to step out of my comfort zone, to see how much I can develop as a person. I am curious and fast learner, which make it self-explanitory that I love to learn new things and experiences. Before this bootcamp, I would say that I was a nomad. Or still am actually. I finished High School in June 2015, and have since then been traveling all around the world. Just for the sake of seeing what is out there. Making my living on the way and living everyday to the fullest.

During the fall and winter of 2016, you participated in the Craft Academy bootcamp. What made you decide to learn to code?

I have always had an idea for an application and some website ideas, that I wanted to build and create by myself rather than finding people doing it for me. I tried doing it on my own. But was completely lost in the massive universe of programming. I have also always liked tech and have an interest in seeing how things work and how it looks behind everything that all normal people can see. So when I found Craft Academy, it was quite obvious that I should join the intensive bootcamp.

What would you say was the most important result of your time with Craft Academy?

I would say the lifestyle. You will change your whole lifestyle. Open up your mind and make it possible for yourself to develop so much on not just a personal level but also professional and educational level. Something that you won’t realise until you sit there 12 weeks later and realise how much you have developed and how much your mind and yourself is ABLE to develop. You will see that you are able to get things done now, not later. That all the information you never thought you could take in, you can and even more. And that you keep pushing yourself to a limit you thought wasn’t possible.

What would you say was the most challenging part of the training model at Craft Academy?

Myself. I have seen sides of me I thought I never had. Both positive and negative. I also realised that you can never stop growing and learn. These two are something that you can be able to affect all the time and keep on working on. Which is also very challenging, because you always have to be open to new things and see that there are things that you can always work on, to be able to develop yourself.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about enrolling in the bootcamp?

Before doing this bootcamp, do some research and do some coding (like Codecademy for example). KNOW what universe you are stepping into. I had no clue and this was a major blocker the first weeks. Then do the prep course. Make sure you do everything, understand everything and ask, ask, ask. Better with a question too much than not knowing. And then of course the actual bootcamp. Im going to be honest. Its not an easy 12 weeks. There are so many up and downs. So much to do and learn. So don’t expect being lazy and doing nothing. it is an intensive course. So be prepared for working 8 hours a day 7days a week for 12 weeks. But hey, the result. Is so worth it. You accomplish, grow and learn so much in these twelve weeks. I can’t be more grateful for doing this course. And it opens up so many doors. Its the beginning of your career basically. Thank you craft academy for giving me this opportunity.

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