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David izosimov

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David Izosimov

Kickstarting my Developer career.

I transformed as a person
David izosimov

What was the best part if the Bootcamp?

For me, it is how I transformed as a person and the people that are here, I have formed a pretty insane friendship with both coaches and other students. In terms of the transformation, I came in a lazy, bored, no drive 20-year-old and I am leaving as a skilled developer with drive to get a job

What was the hardest part of the Bootcamp?

The Hardest Part of the bootcamp was my personality coming into this bootcamp, I was very lazy. I had an easy time in school and I wasn’t really been persistent and resilient all the time, there were times when I would finish early and I could have spent that time coding more instead of watching Netflix, but around week 6 is when things started to change and that is when I became a whole different person.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about enrolling in the bootcamp?

So advice for anyone new people in the bootcamp, DEBUGGERS!! Use a lot of them everywhere. Even if it is scary at first, things will start working, don’t get scared or discouraged. Another thing I wish I knew about a lot sooner, is to trust the process because you will actually know things at the end and keep on studying on evenings and weekends.

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